what do you get when you mix an illustrator and an insatiable addiction to Japanese animation? a bunch of anime fan art Stickers! I love the Digital painting process, but my favorite part is printing my art and making them into die cut Stickers with my Cricut cutter !
sticker Gallery
Sticker making process
Deku aka Izuku midoriya
This digital Painting is Fan art of the protagonist Izuku Midoriya. AKA Deku from the Hit anime "My Hero Academia."
red Blood Cell
This is fan art of the protagonist from the anime "Cells at work", her name is Red Blood Cell , a.k.a AE 3803. I love her ditsy personality and her hard working attitude!
white blood cell
This is fan art of A character from the anime "Cells at work", white blood Cell as he slays a cedar pollen.
Ken Kaneki
Fan art of the Protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki.
Violet Evergarden
This piece is fan art of the protagonist Violet Evergarden from the Kyoto animation studio series Violet Evergarden.
Shinichi Izumi
This is the protagonist to one of my all time favorite anime/manga series . This is Shinichi Izumi from Parasyte!
This piece is Retsuko from the anime series "Aggretsuko" the the piggy she standing on is her horrible boss Ton.
This sticker is of Tanjiro Kamado the protagonist from Demon slayer!

This character is one of the protagonist of the hit anime manga series: "Demon Slayer" Her name is Nezuko!

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